Brainminetech Releases Creative Design Package for Small Scale Industries

Brainmintech has come up with a ‘creative design and software package’ especially for the small scale industries. According to the CEO of the company, there is a lot of vacuum in this niche when it comes to quality players in the market. A lot of players do exist in the market but when it comes to delivery, almost 99% of them fail. The remaining 1% of the players are high in quality and at the same time also have high sale price which can be afforded only by big players.

The marketing head of Brainminetech revealed the fact that they want to play on the principle of ‘economies of scale’ and therefore has introduced a quality creative design and software package in the market which can easily be bought by the small scale industries to fulfill their business needs.

The sales team feels that with this product releasing in the market next week, Brainmintech would become one of leading Software Company in Pune and at the same time a leading Creative Agency in Pune with the highest number of client base.

It has hired a team of fresher and experienced lateral hires that would act as the backbone of the new product. The new team would be initially mentored by the existing team of experts and would inculcate the existing team culture, values and sincerity in the new team. With this move, the company’s CEO feel that Brainmintech would become one of the best creative design agency in Pune , India.

The operations head shared that each client would be mapped to a team headed by a Business Analyst and a Creative Head. The Business Analyst shall design and deliver the software and act as an interface between the client and the technical team. According to a research, it was found that 99% of the software that are designed does not please the client. In the majority of the cases, it has been found that the sole reason for the bad product is not understanding the requirements correctly which may happen either due to the ignorance of the Business Analyst or due to the lack of understanding of the domain for which he had made the software. Therefore Brainminetech lays a lot of importance in hiring domain specific individuals that shall help the client in getting the product exactly as per the requirements and gives Brainmintech a chance to fall in the 1% of the category.

Similarly, the Creative Head of the company sits with higher management as well as the associate levels on the client side to understand the functioning of the business. Accordingly, it suggests the creative design concepts to the stakeholders. After incorporating the changes the final product is delivered to the client. The team believes a lot in the adage saying “getting it right the very first time".

For any kind of project related queries, the company’s sales team can be contacted by dropping them a mail with the project requirements.

About the Company

Brainminetech is an IT company which specializes in websites, portal management, hosting, maintenance, digital marketing, SEO etc. It is known for its authentic service that helps a business reach its epic position as desired by an entrepreneur. With its years of experience and meaningful marketing tactics, it has helped lots of businesses flourish in a very short span of time.