Brainminetech Shares its Digital Marketing Strategies for the Year 2017

Doing business online, in the year 2017 would be brutal. With the increase in the awareness of the internet, everyone seems to have settled online. In such a case, one needs to outshine or do something extra in order to beat the competitors. Here steps in Brainminetech, a digital marketing agency in Pune , which holds its customer's hands and take them on the path to success.

According to the marketing head of the company, following are some of the digital marketing strategies that would work for the year 2017:-

Content Marketing

In 2017 also, content remains the king. Instead of only simple content writing, infographics are being preferred. Instead, a lot of successful bloggers see fantastic results by making use of both the well-researched content as well as beautiful and concise infographics. Such websites are getting placed in the top results of Google search.

Automation of Marketing Campaigns and linking it to Machine Learning

To make marketing strategies more meaningful and apt, Brainminetech, a digital marketing company in India, has decided to automate it marketing campaign that would give them a better idea about the perception and behavior of its customer towards the advertisements. These perceptionsare linked to the machine learning system which is an algorithm that responds accurately to the comments and times it at right intervals.

Countdown Timers in Email

According to the Digital Marketing Head of Brainminetech, social media marketing in Pune has seen a paradigm shift. Countdown timers in the email are a new feature which is being used by them this year. This is helping in generating a lot more leads as compared to the oldmethods and the best thing about these leads is that 80% of them actually convert for the business. Since the countdown timer showcases that the available of the product only for a short period of time, therefore, the customers who are genuinely interested in it, click on the link and purchase the service, which leads to the high conversion rate.

Get bigger with Mobile

The mobile platform is becoming the king. Due to the ease of access, people prefer to use mobile over desktop. Seeing in the opportunity, the situation calls in for websites that are optimized according to the screen of the mobile, advertisements that are modified as per the display of the mobile, etc. As per the update, the websites that do not optimize properly according to the mobile display, shall be devalued soon by Google.


The video is going to grab the attention of the customers in the year 2017. Since the cost of making quality videos has come down and its power to deliver the message has increased, therefore, the video is banked upon by the social media companies to drive out sales of the companies in 2017.

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About the Company

Brainminetech is an IT company which specializes in websites, portal management, hosting, maintenance, digital marketing, SEO etc. It is known for its authentic service that helps a business reach its epic position as desired by an entrepreneur. With its years of experience and meaningful marketing tactics, it has helped lots of businesses flourish in a very short span of time.