Choosing the best SEO Company in India

8th Sept 2016 : When you are on the hunt to choose the best SEO company in India consider some parameters; pricing, relationship building, expertise. Even while you are considering local SEO Company in Bhopal consider these points. SEO is important for digital marketing, which is an opportunity that companies should not miss.

In the competitive world of digital marketing businesses can’t do without Search Engine Optimization. It’s a tool to make the most of the internet marketing activities. The purpose behind creating a website is that customers should be able to reach you easily. This is possible only when you rank high in search engines. This is made possible with intelligent SEO techniques. When you search for a SEO company in India make sure they understand your marketing strategy and its goals.

Why focus on digital marketing?

You take lot of efforts to chalk out a marketing strategy, but when you create a digital marketing campaign it should be in sync with your marketing strategy. Infact, today most companies focus more on digital marketing because, studies reveal the number of internet users in India is increasing rapidly.

Number of internet users in India is projected to double and by 2017 we will see the number crossing the 300 million mark. These figures are based on the new study conducted by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and KPMG, the consulting firm. India has a low penetration at 19% when you compare it with other developed and developing countries (where it is 90%). But, the internet user base in India is the third largest in the world as it has 300 million users and 50% of them are mobile-only internet users.

So internet and digital marketing is an opportunity that companies should not miss.

While you search for the best SEO Company in India you have to consider certain points. If your business is in Indore or Bhopal and you are searching for an experienced SEO company in Bhopal you have to compare different companies on the below parameters:

Do they understand you?

When you approached them what did they ask you? Did they understand your target audience, present SEO position, marketing and business goals? A good SEO company will make sure to understand your business goals, pattern, brand image (present and future banding goals) and culture of the company. They ensure that the content they write reflects all of these factors. If a SEO company just suggest SEO improvement then they are not looking too hard towards your success.

Price point:

When a company gives a standard pricing, for example ‘10 keywords for Rs. 5000’ then they will not work in your best interest. The best SEO Company makes an in-depth investigation before sending a quote as they need to customize the strategy according to your business and market needs.

Relationship building:

You are building a long term relationship with them so they should be in constant contact with you. They should keep calling, understanding your market, targets, etc. If you are unable to communicate with them effectively the effort is pointless. It’s like hiring an employee who is ready to engage in his/her job totally. They should report to you about the results constantly, so that you know the content, design and strategy isn’t hurting your online reputation.

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