Brainminetech Releases its Strategies for SEO for the Year 2017

Brainminetech, the famous IT Company in Delhi NCR, with its expertise in SEO, releases the various SEO techniques that it feels would work in the year 2017.

  • Mobile is the future

  • The company feels that the number of mobile Internet users are increasing constantly as it gives them the freedom to access the data from anywhere in the world. According to a research, it was found that with the improvement and accessibility of the Internet services, the number of mobile users would eventually increase. This means that the mobile Internet market is evergreen. In such a scenario, it becomes important for the users wanting to improve their SEO ranking to focus on their website and make it highly responsive such that it can be easily accessible on smart phones and tablets without compromising on the GUI.

  • Voice Search

  • The adage, will the manual search option become very soon. Therefore it is the need of the hour to incorporate a voice recognition system that shall work as a command to help one process the search. Let the customer do more of talking and less of typing.

  • Improve the website speed

  • According to Google, only those websites that load quickly shall remain as a preference for the top few searches. Therefore it is the right time to study the website and remove all unwanted data and identify the glitches that affect website’s loading speed. Brainmintech, the SEO Company in Delhi can help its clients in improving the speed by making the onsite changes.

  • Content is King

  • No matter how great your website’s design is, no matter how great the graphics on your website are, no matter how fast the loading speed of your website is, the only thing that eventually would decide the ranking of your website is the quality of content posted on it. Google has made it clear that it has released its new algorithm that would sense the time for which the visitors stay on your website for a particular search. Based on the time spent, the algorithm would learn about the quality of the content because a good content would force the visitor to spend a considerable amount of time on your website. So focus only on quality content. Brainminetech, the SEO Company in India like can help you with quality content.

  • Social Media

  • Only the organic traffic landing on a website shall enable it to position itself on the first page of the search results. Since people present on asocial platform can be directed to a website based on a particular niche, therefore the bounce rate decreases and the conversion rate increases. Therefore it helps in giving an advantage to the website. Brainminetech, an SEO company in Noida can help you in making your presence strong on the social media with the help of SEO.

  • Link Building

  • Focus only on quality link building. Spam links or low-quality links may bring the rank of the website down.

    About the Company

    Brainminetech is an IT company which specializes in websites, portal management, hosting, maintenance, digital marketing, SEO etc. It is known for its authentic service that helps a business reach its epic position as desired by an entrepreneur. With its years of experience and meaningful marketing tactics, it has helped lots of businesses flourish in a very short span of time.