Google Changes and its Impacts on SEO

Google, along with technology, has come a long way ever since its inception in 1998. From being a mere search engine to almost governing most of the Internet jargons, concepts, regulations, changes, processes, etc. of the web world, Google has been a major propelling force forseveral advancements that have happened all throughout in the web world. Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is one such web dimension that is projected to undergo changes of varying degrees through Google changes.

Therefore, if SEO is on your cards sooner or later, you must search for a reliable and experienced SEO company in India , capable enough of incorporating all the changes and aligning itself to the changes Google is about to bring or undergo. Nevertheless, this report intends to point out some major Google changes in relation with SEO that are about to hit the web world in 2018.

As observed and accepted by everyone, SEO isn’t a short-term focus, but a long-term one gaining benefits in the long run and helping a website sustain its position on the search engine. There are certain factors projected to influence SEO in some or the other way, and which is going to form the principal chunk of our discussion.

Guest Postings

Not many days ago, sometime around May, Google issued a warning against websites using articles as a large-scale marketing link, as that is against its policies. Of course,SEO professionals across the world are already in cognizance of this policy. However, the development of an algorithm targeting manipulative guest postings in the near future may require SEO professionals to alter some of their strategies and be extra careful to avoid penalties resulting out of policy violations.

Artificial Intelligence and Search

Lately, search has graduated into a separate area of concern. Owing to the ever-growing user demands, there has been a need to smarten the search element, thus giving instant, relevant and well-processed results to the user. Artificial intelligence is projected (in fact, already to some extent) to play a vital role in simplifying and enhancing the search element. RankBrain, which is Google’s AI product helps process its search results. It has been handling almost 15% of the search queries since its inception. Although yes, Google is looking much ahead of RankBrain when it comes to AI!

Google Brainis an expert unit exclusively catering to AI. It has developed an AI that, in turn, is capable of developing a better AI than human beings! Isn’t it genuinely interesting? AIhas its own set of concerns and challenges, like having no control over the final algorithm, preceded by their limitations and confusions associated with correlation and causation, thereby resulting in deriving associations between unrelated elements. Nevertheless, Google’s entry in the AI domain is estimated to augment AI functionalities, capabilities, along with its incorporation into the search algorithms. Now, looking at the fundamental ideology of AI, which is to optimize human-intervened activities and have a human-aligned thought process, AIs impact on SEO could be considered too trivial, except for the fact that SEO professionals would soon be dealing with advanced search algorithms, requiring them to be intelligent than ever.

Concluding with the Best SEO Company in Pune | Most Trustworthy SEO Company in India

Responding and shaping-in according to changes is inevitable. However, what makes you a long-runner is the long-term SEO strategy that would not only help you keep your head above the water in dynamic and challenging situations but also help you remain ahead of your counterparts in situations alike. As a concluding note, Brainmine Tech, the leading SEO Company in India, is an ardent believer and executor of long-term SEO strategies, working tirelessly to keep its clients ahead in the race!