Reasons that make Social Media Marketing an Important Business Element

Social media, as the name suggests, is a social channel, or a social platform that helps you connect with friends and family. This definition or description could have sufficed and held relevant a decade ago. But today, when you look at social media, it has graduated to become more of a vital business platform, than just a way to connect with people! The biggest reason that makes social media marketing an imperative business element is the number of hours that people spend on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the likes. There are many others as well. However, this is what drives the show, and which is why ignoring social media marketing is like forcing your business to underperform and eventually compel it lag miles behind in today’s fiercely competitive race. Through this report, Brainmine Tech, the leading agency for social media marketing in Pune, and elsewhere in India, brings to you some of the most common reasons that govern the relevance and importance of social media marketing in modern-day business.

Top 5 Reasons Defining the Importance of Social MediaMarketing

Social media marketing is something that every industry, irrespective of the product it sells, looks forward to leveraging as an effective and far-reaching channel of marketing. Here are the top 5 reasons why you must not ignore social media marketing, and include it in the agenda of your next team meeting, if not already discussed!

1. Reach Millions of People at a Relatively Low Cost

Conventionally, how much do you think will you require reaching 2 lakh people among your target audience? It will take certainly take a considerable amount. Even if the cost may not always be the concern, time will always be one. Reaching more than a lac people will certainly take days, and surely even months. Social media, however, saves efforts, time as well as money. You need not necessarily step out in the sun to search for prospects. Running social media campaigns will help you reach a large chunk of your intended audience within just a few minutes, and that too in the most intriguing and informative manner, if the content is that polished.

2. Social Media Posts Drive the Intended Audience to you

When it comes to social media, you don’t have to go to people, but, in fact, they will come to you through lead forms and your contact information. Nevertheless, this is possible only when you invest an adequately large amount, invest in well-written content, and create posts that will intrigue the targeted audience to read them and visit your websiteif you’ve given a link to do so. So, additional web traffic as well for your website through social media marketing!

3. Social Media Marketing Improves Customer Engagement

In today’s world, only reaching customers isn’t enough. What matters more is if you are engaging with your customer and if yes, in what way. Customer engagement, on social media platforms, can be increased through active participation in question and answer forums, creating Chatbots responding to customer concerns in a prompt manner, posting regular updates about your own industry (but that concern the customers!). The idea here is to keep the intended audience reminding about your presence, and being visible to them on social media platforms, and always be ready to help them. This is one way of improving brand awareness and also building brand loyalty.As a good to know piece of information, a @SproutSocial study found that customers expect social media responses in time as quick as 4 hours. But, the current average time is 10 hours. What’s your take on this? Are you quick enough to fulfill the requirements of your customers in social media?

4. Social Media Helps you Understand your Customers Better

Flashing something on social media, but not really what your customer wants, may prove to be a huge turnoff for your targeted customer. Take out some time to study your customers and also your competitors. This will help you prepare better content, and address exactly what your customer/s has/have been looking out for on the social media.

5. Social Media is Available on Mobile Phones

The availability of social media on mobile phones is an extremely important point. Why? Of course, most of us use smartphones, and as almost everyone today has got access to the internet, we tend to search for everything on our mobile phones.Social media too is largely accessed on mobile phones today, and which is why when someone among your intended customer base hears about you, he is most likely to search you on his mobile phone, rather wait to reach home and search you on his laptop or desktop. So, being on social media refers to creating ready access to information.