AMC( Annual maintenance of computers )

As we know every organisation bought up well branded computers but after a while they start to show their poor service effect result in creating problems to your business and day today work. Mostly get hanged ,burn power supply and other software and hardware related problems.So in order to get rid of this

Our organisation will take the charge of to maintain yearly maintenance of your computers at feasible charges,our experts will quickly figure out what is causing problems to your computer and determine the best options for getting your system back up and running. With the support of our experienced service team ,we are in a position to take care of any applications from stand alone Pc's, Network establishment, CAD stations, Mail server, stations, Linux and Microsoft. we provide entire solution for Microsoft and LINUX based organisations.

We offer range of computer AMC services that includes:

  • Assembling and upgrading the PCs.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hard disk data recovery
  • Printer and Monitor maintenance, repairing and servicing
  • Repairing of Hard Disk, Modem, Mother Board and CD-ROM etc.
  • services related to Networking.
  • Internet trouble shooting.
  • Internal security system.
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