2 Real-time New Upcoming penguin Update of 2016 and its Advantages



If you have been not worked on cleaning the links for your website, the bell has already rung. Now you have to work on the same restlessly as the next penguin update is going to come your way. The experts are expecting for this algorithm to be real time and as well continuously providing best results for the customers. As this algorithm is real time it takes very less to get positive impact from a negative one. So this is going to be a The most obvious benefit for webmasters and business owners would be that they wouldn’t have to wait as long for their site to recover from a penalty. All this helps the webmaster to work on the aspects of the SEO better. There is no need to get fear while building links and there are ways to go for experimenting. In this instance, everyone must lay proper attention to avoid spammy links and as well make us of the anchor texts well to get best results. It is upon experimenting the chances are that, there can be better results even for sure and gives a chance to understand what Google actually wants.

Here, all the companies must be ready to get the services of the SEO expert, as it is very soon they will get the negative results. Upon correcting the existing SEO practices, it is very soon all the damage will come to control. So there is no need to get more frightened if all your links both external and internal are optimized properly.

Link profile should be given top priority to optimize it. There might be unwanted spammy link which are unintended. All these are no more going to be tolerated. There should be complete and continuous monitoring on the Web Pages and the links as these are going to impact the online visibility for a company. Rectifying all these problems will be no more bothering someone.

There are plenty of tools like the ahrefs and link research tools. All these are used to have a look at the back links and then you may even test the url for their functionality. You need not spend a lot of time finding out the broken links and the spammy links, these tools are going to do all this for you. The only thing is one must be aware which works better based on the size of the website which you has.