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ERP Software For School and College Management

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) software for College, suitable for administration of any type of school & college affiliated with any Indian University. The software is thoroughly onsite tested by more than 10+ colleges and Institutions. It is highly recommended product for real time computerization of day to day office work in your educational institution. Our aim is to provide well clustered software solution that will simplify and eliminate the tedious tasks involved in managing a college or school office. No matter what type of school or college you may have, we will satisfies every need of your office automation and record processing. This software is a customized solution which includes all modules & functions required for administrative purpose of a school or college. Each module of software is designed to save time, money, manpower and to deliver output with 100% accuracy & security. If a trust or institution is having more than one colleges or schools, our software meets your requirement. This ERP solution is suitable for Aided Colleges, Unaided Colleges, Colleges Conducting professional course Like Engineering, Medical Courses, Paramedical Courses & Management courses, Arts, Science or Commerce college, Any type of school or high school, degree or diploma college etc. Once you set these options, the software is ready to operate for your schools or colleges. Software usage centralized database. This lets you to avoid repetitive data entry. Any unauthorized user can not access other college information without permission or rights governed by the system administrator. Free Database provided with software which do not required to pay any additional burden on your pocket.

Software has Student Module (Admission Management), Examination Management Module, Employee Module (Payroll & Service Book record management), Library Management Module, Hostel Management Module , Account & Finance Module. The software is customizable. You can customize any report of the software as per your need and that too without asking for source code of the software and independently.

Custom ERP, CRM, Financial, Business Process Automation Software Development

Brainmine custom software development services aim to address critical customer issues and problems with business outcomes that benefit the entire enterprise. Our professional software development team, Quality Assurance and testing, cutting-edge technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP and others allow our clients to timely return their investments into all their custom software development initiatives.

We provide full range of custom software development services from IT consulting, software engineering, solution design, software product development to integration services, software maintenance and support. With Brainmine as software development and Internet Marketing Service provider our clients get industry-leading innovative solutions to handle all their business issues.

Business Process Automation Software Development

At Brainmine software company we have expertise in comprehensive software, custom solutions and tools development which help both small companies and large enterprises in business process automation, increasing employee efficiency and reducing costs. Our business software development approach allows us to create highly expandable, modular and stable software. Here are some sample business process automation solutions that our software development services include:

  • Complex work flow management systems development
  • Console tools development to reduce employee manual work
  • File processing and parsing software development
  • Report management and automation solutions development

ERP Software Development

Our expertise includes complex enterprise resource planning software development which is an effective solution for large and small businesses in resource planning and forecasting, increasing productivity and efficiency of each company department, keeping the company at the highest level of profit. The custom erp system solutions we have development expertise in allow our customers to automate the entire order tracking and management process and allow managing revenue and transactions. Brainmine software development company provides the full range of custom ERP software development, consulting, installation services, integration with third party systems,testing and Quality Assurance, support and maintenance services and Digital Marketing in Pune and to companies in any part of world.

Financial and Accounting Software Development

Brainmine has extensive expertise in custom financial and accounting software development. We have a long successful history in designing, developing, installation and maintenance of robust business financial software solutions for large enterprises and small businesses. Our custom financial software development services include:

  • Invoice and contract management software development
  • Financial planning software development
  • Bookkeeping and auditing software development

We provide full service from consulting and custom financial software development to software integration with third party CRM, contact management or ticketing systems, software maintenance and support. As the result our customers obtain a highly scalable, robust and modular financial management software solution which helps them to consolidate, manage and monitor the enterprise-wide financial information.

Inventory and Asset Management Software Development

Our inventory and asset management software development experience allows us to create software solutions which provide full capabilities for you business to specify size and placement of goods, manage multiple locations, inventory costs and price forecasts. The extensive software development expertise we have in asset management and inventory management software allows us to create solutions which automate inventory forecasting and valuation, asset replenishment and returns of defective goods. You are able to forecast inventory demands and collect comprehensive reports for your business to react immediately to the changing market environment.

Custom Software Development

Our custom software development services offer consulting, delivery expertise and custom tool development in order to drive innovation, improve your business efficiency and reduce manual work costs. We use all cutting-edge technologies and our extensive expertise to provide quality custom software design, development, consulting, installation and maintenance services.

Whenever your company needs a solution that will automate the routine work of the employees, store data and information, provide comprehensive work flows and increase the quality of your business and services – feel free to contact us for our custom software and tool development services. We also have a web development company in pune, Digital and seo company in Mumbai, Bhopal, Bangalore, New Delhi, nagpur etc.

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