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Just having a website is not enough to run your business. Until and unless it appears in the top search results, there is no significant use of having a website. In order to appear in the top search results, consult an SEO company in Bangalore that can help you with your goal.

Pioneer of SEO Company in Bangalore, India

SEO is not an easy task. It requires an analytical and a vigilant mind to understand the algorithms of any search engine to result in your website in the top notch search results. In order to improve the viewer's search experience, search engines, keeps on introducing changes in the algorithm. Only an SEO company which keeps itself updated with the changes happening in the various search engines, especially google, can provide you the best SEO Services. Brainminetech web solution is one such company which is a pioneer of SEO in Bangalore. It has been working in the industry since the inception of the Google and therefore can sense the need and methodology to be adopted for a website uniquely to improve its search results.

Our SEO Experts

Brainminetech web solution is one such digital marketing company in Bangalore that has a track record of improving businesses for lots of clients that includes both small and big accounts, by making their website from invisible to visible on the web. It has a team of Internet marketing experts who are abreast with the latest SEO advancements that are going in the industry. This is one of the reasons why these SEO specialists are able to bring in the improvement in the search results of the keywords in the shortest possible time. With a few more accounts in its portfolio, it can register its success in the Guinness Book of World Records.

We analyse your website technically

For any website which we take up for SEO, a comprehensive analysis of the website is done. Each website has its unique form of existence and therefore requires an analysis before we actually start with the SEO. Various artefacts like Title tag, Meta description, headings, keyword consistency, alt attribute, In page links, URL rewrite, blocking factors, mobile friendliness, website load speed, crawl errors, existing backlinks etc. are analysed and a detailed report is prepared. This report helps in guiding the team of SEO experts in revolutionizing the metamorphism of your website.

What we do?

SEO Consultants:

The SEO consultants at Brainminetech Web Solution would try to understand your website and your goals. Based on the requirement gathering, the team works on a plan in sync with your end goals and share it with you.

Keyword Research:

After syncing the SEO plan with your goals, competition analysis for the keywords related to your website is done. Based on the ranking of the keywords on day zero (i.e. the day when the client gives the approval for starting SEO), a time is decided to achieve the desired results. At the end of the month, the keyword analysis is done again to measure the improvement in the result. This helps in keeping a check on the progress.

Technical Audit:

Post keyword analysis, the SEO experts study various parameters of your website likeTitle tag, Meta description, headings, keyword consistency, alt attribute, In-page links, URL rewrite, blocking factors, mobile friendliness, website load speed, crawl errors, existing backlinks etc. and prepare a report for it.

On-Page SEO:

The SEO team at Brainminetech web solution does various changes in the website based on the deficiencies found during the technical audit

Interactive content:

In order to increase traffic on your website and have loyal customers coming back to your website, again and again, our team helps in preparing interactive content for your website.

Web Analytics & Reporting:

At frequent interval of time, as agreed on day zero, web analytic report is prepared. The purpose of preparing the report is to see the progress of the website in terms of increase in traffic and search results ranking.

SEO for all Websites

Be it any website, an e-commerce website or a simple blog website, each of these requires SEO to attract traffic. Brainminetech has experts that help in doing so after running a SEO audit for static & dynamic website. Both the content as well as the videos on your website need SEO. Therefore Brainminetech web solution focuses both on the video SEO and Local search SEO at the same time.

Why Choose Our SEO Agency?

When it comes to choosing an SEO partner, always go for an expert who knows the in and out of the industry and Brainminetech Web Solution is one such genius. When it comes to expanding your business through a website, a wise person would never experiment for results. Therefore go with the the SEO company that delivers time bounded targeted result site.

Know what is wrong with your site today

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