5 Sure Shot Ways to Identify the Best SEO Company in India

SEO company in India

SEO itself is so perplexing and then the overwhelming task of finding an ideal SEO partner. You know you can benefit from all that SEO has to offer, be it good page rankings, increased traffic or quality content. That is what made you decide to take professional help. But as soon as you started with your search for a reliable SEO Company in India you realized the numbers that swarm the SEO services industry. What to do in a situation where you get bombarded with calls and mails from agencies that all promise to be the best in their field?

Here are five simple yet extremely helpful ways in which you can identify the right SEO partner for your business.

1.Do not get too impressed with their website

When it comes to a digital entity its website is what is first looked upon to gauge its value. But that is an exception if you are looking for a SEO services company. The best SEO agencies would work on the practical aspects of their websites rather than aesthetics. Remember this while you go hunting for one. However, if you are looking for an agency that can also design your website then do consider the design aspect.

2.How is their own SEO

Check how your prospective agency ranks for its respective target keywords. What is their meta description and is it compelling enough to make you click. What is their visibility on Google Plus and other popular social channels?

3.Size does not matter

It may be impressive to know that a prospective SEO firm is a five hundred employees company or works from a swanky office. Nevertheless, bigger is not always better. Your idealistic SEO firm may not even be a firm. It can be few people working from a basement. Or it can also be that 500 employee company. The idea is that size is not a concern, so do not cross out your options on this basis.

4.Take a look at their portfolio

Usually firms would promise to show their portfolios claiming to have served some of the largest companies in India. But do not get carried away. Do take a detailed look at their portfolio. Check on the kind of companies and industries they have worked with. This will also help you understand whether the SEO firm has the know-how of your business type or not.

5.Judge their pricing

Compare the value of SEO services that an agency offers with price that they quote. A professional SEO company in Ahmedabad should include different price points for all business sizes. The cost of services should neither be too low nor too pricey, it should be reasonably priced. And never fall for a company that offers packages like “X number of keywords for Y rupees” or any other sort of standardized fee structure. A good SEO company will always do an in-depth analysis before coming up with a figure and will have no limit on keywords.