The Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for 2019

SEO helps you increase the number of virtual prospects. However, what matters more at the end of the day is the number of conversions that happen. Precisely, the concept is called conversion rate optimization (CRO), and which requires some extremely focused efforts to transform your website from a mere interactive platform to a revenue generator for your company. Brainmine Tech, the best SEO Company in Mumbai and the rest of India, with its focused strategies, coupled up with timely execution of every planned element, helps companies increase their conversion rate. If you are a business owner reading this blog, the following best CRO tips for 2019 would help you increase your conversion rate.

5 Best CRO Tips for 2019

CRO is a continually evolving concept. Perhaps, you must have had high conversions in the past, but then, strategies or actions that worked then, might not necessarily work today. Hence, when it comes to CRO, it is essential for you to be in cognizance of the latest trends and tips revolving around the concept. So, here are 5 CRO Tips for 2019.


1. Give Shoppers what they want

Online shopping rose to fame and power on account of the convenience that it offers. Shoppers don’t have to run here and there for their favorite products. Everything is available at a click. As an eCommerce website owner, it is necessary that you give shoppers what they’ve been looking for, and also respond to their queries and concerns quickly and accurately. If that isn’t the case, and if shoppers are compelled to wait for a long time for the response, they will straight away hit the close button, and go to another website. As simple as that! Preparing a FAQs page, inducing Chabot’s, etc. are some strategies that will help serve the purpose.

2. Personalize the Website Experience

If your website isn’t a standout or offers something user-oriented, remember, it will remain reduced to a tiny spec in the ever-expanding web cosmos. Generic websites performed well primitively. But, the case today is different. Today, users prefer and love having a personalized website experience. According to an Accenture report, 58% of the consumers are more likely to make a purchase if and when the website offers recommendations based on their preferences and interest.

On the other hand, the report also suggests that 65% of the consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the website stores and displays their purchase history. These elements might appear insignificant. However, in the long run, these influence user habits, preferences and trust as well. Besides, a personalized web or purchase experience would contribute to better customer relationship.

3. Identifying Website Issues through Machine Learning

Website issues or glitches could be quite frustrating compelling the user to close the website and look for another one eventually. This situation is alarming and refers to a more significant threat lurking ahead. Over a period of time, if a website issue isn’t resolved, your report, at the end of the year, will show a considerable dip in the number of conversions.

As they say, make hay while the sun shines; take the necessary measures before it’s too late! Leverage machine learning to identify website issues. Machine learning tools run at the backend and analyze several website sessions at the same time, and help identify visitor behavior that refers to some of the commonly experienced usability concerns on the website. This will help you save a lot of efforts and time for CRO.

4. User-Generated Content (UGC)

There’s a difference between content and user-generated content. While the former talks about things from the owner’s or the company’s perspective, it is the latter that brings out real-time feedback from users who’ve previously interacted or transacted with the website. Users love to read reviews and feedback from fellow users. But, it is critical to place and implements UGC effectively and convincingly. This will create a sense of trust between the user and your website, as your website, through real UGC, will help users make informed decisions. Speaking of UGC elements, photos are the most appealing form of UGC, followed by video content, and then the written one.

5. Optimizing the Checkout Page

According to the Baymard Institute, e-commerce retailers experience an average cart abandonment rate of a whopping 70%! Yes, that’s true, and the reason for this is the checkout page, which isn’t optimized well. A lot of users otherwise impressed and convinced about making a purchase through your website, may abandon the cart, or refrain from proceeding with it, if the checkout page isn’t optimized or he/ she finds something dubious on it. Often, users cancel carts owing to the high additional costs. These are cases wherein, either the extra prices aren’t communicated in the right manner or aren’t prominently displayed. Ensure that you don’t generate any suspicion and keep things transparent

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