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Digital Marketing & Web Marketing Company in India

Brainmine joins the latest online trends that are often instructive for Internet Marketers, regardless of experience level. They help you steer towards better affinity programs, promotional tactics, and qualified mentors who have achieved the success you are presently seeking. Therefore without further ado, here are five important trends and themes to create a quick presence and visibility for your company.

1. Useful Digital Content Remains a Key Business Driving Factor

Content has always been king for online entrepreneurs, but as Google and other search engines have become more sophisticated, you will need to give web surfers compelling reasons to visit your website. Consequently, detailed material will become even more essential to draw more views.

Consider consolidating your web pages. Once a visitor has found you, you’ll want to make navigation around their search terms – and presumably your search engine optimized keywords faster and easier. Otherwise, competing businesses or the search engines themselves risk pulling prospects away from you. That’s what we create for your company.

2. The Blurring of Various Marketing Pillars

Various search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and web content teams are available in great numbers. But we have a marketing department assigned to a client so that your components are synchronized throughout your marketing campaigns.

Individual flare on your part in one or more marketing aspects is great, but greater emphasis will be placed on an integrated approach that optimizes the prospects’ (customers’) experience.

New Buzzwords and Phrases are used that will create a top presence on web and making you emerge and be known in Social Business, Collaboration Platforms, Participation Marketing and much more.

3. Mobile Technology Takes Centre Stage

Increasingly, the focus of digital commerce is shifting from the desktop to mobile platforms; cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. As Google and other search engines improve the way applications (“apps”) are indexed, the growth of mobile technology will become even more apparent this year.

In practical terms, this means formatting your online content to look good on any platform, including making sure your details are mobile friendly. Newspapers are slowly adapting to this digital reality, and so should you !

4. Laser-targeted, Data-driven Marketing Campaigns become the Norm

Thanks to purchase-tracking software tied into mobile computing and services such as Apple Pay, proximity messaging will grow in importance. Marketers can tailor the frequency and timing of messages to their best customers and influence both impulse and planned spending.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs that still depend on websites and blogs to drive their online businesses? Keep your pages, but orient your efforts towards optimizing conversion than increasing traffic.

5. Companies Continue to Embrace New Media

The bitter aftertaste of the global financial meltdown is almost gone, so companies big and small are looking to technological breakthroughs to lower costs and improve competitiveness. Social media, mobile marketing, website content and even the trusty online marketing will all be highlighted in the brave new digital world.


The overriding themes of the upcoming year in Internet Marketing are the continued blurring of marketing and IT/software. The trends discussed above merely confirm this, and further emphasize the importance of understanding both sides of the coin.

The skill sets of marketing and technology still remain distinct, and it will be your responsibility to maximize those skills through personal learning, hiring or purchasing specialized help when required.

Brainmine wishes you Good luck with your ventures ahead !

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