Building Online Brand Awareness with Digital Marketing

Today we are gonna Discuss about Digital Marketing and how you can build yourself a brand for your company.


What is Digital Marketing?

Let’s take a pause and go back to the year 2000, Ramesh was a salesman who was selling soaps and detergents, the only tools of Marketing he had either it was door to door marketing, Handbills or word of mouth. It took Mr. Ramesh 10 long years to establish himself a brand to run a successful business.

But the world has changed since then and we are in 2019, Today Web search Engines like Google; Yahoo dominates the large space in today’s world. Even though technology has shrunk the gap of communication, it has also led to Challenges to Modern marketers that they have to compete with the whole world to make their Voice heard.

Now What must a Marketing Salesman do to make audience his listen to his products.

Voila! Enter Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing is where you advertise your product on the web. A platform is set up and various marketing tools like SEO, Social Media, Websites, and Email Marketing etc. are done for Promotion.

Key Processes of Successful Digital Marketing

  • Content Marketing

When you are going for promotion, it is very necessary to establish what your product is all about and must endorse its USP. Writing blog articles on the product helps the customer get a good look at the product you are endorsing and they can analyze its worth.

Making Meaningful and Authentic content generates brand awareness, Lead generation of the product, Higher Traffic growth to your website and will always impress the audience and can make them long lasting customers of your product.
a. Blog Articles
b. Good Infographics
c. Online brochures and lookbooks
are good sources for a great content

  • Search Engine Optimization

The difference between VICTORY and DEFEAT, among a gazillion pages in Web browsers it is very important to be placed at the right spot and Rank yourself among the best When the customers are searching online, With the help of an SEO expert, We can find our way in this maze of digital world and place ourselves in a competitive position. The SEO is done by the following mediums
a. Websites
b. Blogs
c. Infographic

  • Social Media Marketing

Wohoo! The Hangout Corridor, Yes literally, According to financial Express It says over 65% of millennials hangout in social media for an average 3 hours per day. What better way to endorse your product than placing your product on social Media.

a. Create an account in social Media networks
b. Make a great Content
c. Place an ad and host the account strategically
d. Get as many likes and instant approval for your products, catch attention and turn it in to sales of the product.
e. Some of the Best Social Media Networks are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat

  • Online Media Relationship

Shymala a housewife from Chennai had opened a small bakery, but had difficulty getting customers and she found a solution through her friend who was a marketing strategist that Uday a YouTube influencer had been going around the city tasting pastries. She invited Uday to her bakery gave her special version of White forest Cake with fruit and nuts. Uday loved the cake and made an entire episode on Shymala’s pastries. Shymala increased her sales through the endorsement by a whopping 35%.

Well friends this online PR, when we meet right influencers to endorse our product, we definitely can get our balance sheet on a high note.

  • Digital PR

What is digital PR?

Digital PR focuses on online publication and brand process, it involves gaining high quality backlinks for the websites and publications. Blogs and articles, podcasts about your products.

Networking with social Media influencers for the product, Affiliate Marketing, Press releases are few of the techniques

Measuring Results through Metrics

Yes it’s important to analyze your growth with metrics

1. If you are new to the SEO, then one must focus on keywords ranking, this helps you to get to the top.
2.Monitoring Backlinks this helps you to keep track of the keyword used and obsolete keywords are changed time to time.
3. Organic traffic flow is important, it means your content must be fresh and authentic to boost the ranking
4.Time Spent on the page by the visitor to analyze for audience interest for the site and to reduce bounce rate of any.
5. CTR i.e. Click through rate gives you the correct click through rate of the website, Higher the CTR better the Ranking

Today as Mr. Ramesh has an established detergent company, he is seeing the tremendous progress Digital Marketing has done for him over the past 4 years, He has increased his brand value by 25% which took approximately 12 years through his older marketing methods. An excellent brand marketing through Digital marketing can pay rich dividends in short span of time with low cost.

Now you know how to have a Successful Campaign Digital Campaign

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