How Businesses Are Going Crazy with SEO in India and the Way Out

SEO Company in India

SEO has taken the marketing world by storm. In just a few years, SEO Company in India has grown exponentially and is a billion dollar industry worldwide. From corporate biggies to newbie’s that are bootstrapping their way to success, SEO resonates with all. Businesses have come to realize that SEO is an amazing tool that can bring them new and better prospects. Apparently, the idea of SEO’s magical outcomes has made its mark on marketing strategies in India. However, most of the companies are still unaware of the real SEO and how it works. One thing that they soon need to realize is that SEO is no one time or short-lived gig but an impactful power that requires a sound strategy and sincere efforts.

The saying, ‘change is the only constant’ makes perfect sense when talking about SEO. Online marketers and web development companies in India spend a lot of time deciphering SEO updates, algorithm changes and the latest rules. With spiraling technological advances, information becomes redundant in few years or even months. It is this ‘change-mode’ that makes SEO a complex system, opening several gaps for misconceptions and mistakes.

India is a country characterized by SMEs and startups, and it is very easy for such businesses to fall for cheap and quick SEO solutions. Even the market is thronged by SEO agencies and service providers that themselves do not know what real SEO means. There is no dearth of web development companies in India that engage in black hat techniques and employ aggressive SEO tactics that sideline the search engines guidelines.

The most common trick used by such companies is keyword stuffing where a particular keyword (irrespective of its significance in the content) is repeatedly used throughout the text. Hidden text and link buying are few other malpractices that have been degrading the goodness of SEO. It is of great significance that you are well-aware of the strategies and tactics that your SEO service agency in India advises you. Chances are that their quick and easy solutions are superficial and can be damaging to your business in the long run.

When doing SEO for your website, blog or a web page, it is tempting to optimize your rankings by engaging ‘popular’ keywords even if that content does not contribute to your ultimate goal. So instead of going astray in order to avoid the hard work it requires, you should stay focused on your objective. Make sure that you employ keywords that yield a large enough return. Rather than getting into the fancy stuff, keep focus on good content and good links.