Is there a correlation between web designing and website traffic?

Web Design Company in PuneIf you are launching your business in the online world for the first time, this is a legitimate question to ask. Can web designing affect your website traffic? Yes, it can. This may sound weird to you. How can the look of your website affect the number of people visiting it? This is because web designing is not limited to the look of the website. There are several factors that combine to become the design of the website. So, before you look for a company for web design in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc., here are some of the things that you need to know about the effect of web design on traffic.

How web designing affects website traffic?

The effect of web design on traffic is not direct. Google considers web design as an important element for providing good user experience. The search engines have algorithms that set the standard to know how good the design of a website is. If a website has a good design, it is likely to appear on the top of search engine results, due to which people would click on these links and thus get more traffic. Let us look at this in detail and see what Digital marketing companies in Pune make their strategy

Navigation: The site navigation is one of the most important elements of a good website. People prefer to visit websites which they can operate easily. Websites that have complex navigation and loads of information can cause people to leave your website, increasing your bounce rate. If you have an organized website with necessary information, visitors will be encouraged to continue visiting your website. While a good looking website also attracts users, sacrificing comfort for beauty could cause you to lose lot of visitors.

Quality content: Users come to your website expecting something specific. So, if they do not find what they want, they would quickly go to another website. Hence, it is important to provide useful and informative content which is related to your business or website. Moreover, it should be appealing and original too. No one wants to read content that is provided in 100 other websites in a dull, boring tone. So, it is important to write attractive and original content.

Another thing that you have to remember about content in regards to its design is not to fill the web pages with too much content. No one likes to read all the content provided on the website. So, it is best to speak to the point. Also, write in points rather than having chunks of information in huge paragraphs.

Responsive website: While doing your web development in Pune, Mumbai or any other city, make sure to get a responsive web design. A responsive website is one that can be viewed with ease in devices of all sizes and types. Today, viewers do not stick to their PCs or laptops while browsing on the internet. Many people prefer using their mobiles and tablets for this purpose. Moreover, the computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles are available in different sizes and shapes. A responsive website aids the website to adjust in all sizes of screens with ease. This reduces problems related to scrolling and navigation, making viewing of the website smooth.

Loading time: Loading time of your website is also a part of the web design and also affects the traffic. People do not like to be kept waiting when it comes to internet. If your website takes too long to load, they would prefer to go to another website. Make sure that your website does not take more than three seconds to load if you want users to stay on your website.

Web development company in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. understand the relation between website design and traffic quite well and hence make sure to design websites accordingly.