Why is digital marketing an unavoidable part of marketing strategy?

As people are getting attached to the online world, entrepreneurs are finding new ways of attracting them to the websites. Crisp and sleek designs, meaningful and attractive content, and optimized websites target potential customers and reap huge profits. Promoting products and services through website is a buzzword today, and every Digital marketing company in India claim to generate maximum yield by innovative techniques. However, only a few of them really know the crux of it. It is important that the designers and developers understand digital marketing tools well. Brainmine Web Solutions is a prominent Digital marketing company in Pune that offers the best value for money to the clients.


What is a digital marketing strategy?

As per theoretical definition, a digital marketing strategy is a channel strategy that is based on online and offline channel contribution in the future. It should research the customer channel behavior and look at the marketplace activity of publishers, competitors and intermediaries carefully. Digital marketing strategy defines the ways of companies hitting the sales targets and sales leads. It talks about the acquisition, retention and growth budgets and sets priorities about target audience and products through the channel.  A web designing company not only offers incredibly effective design solutions, but does channel management also.

Online marketing is done using multiple channels:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email marketing
  • Web Banner Marketing


SEM is the most popular marketing tool

Out of the above, SEM is the most popular tool that can be divided into two categories:

SEO  or Professional  Search Engine Optimization : It is a method of increasing ranking of a website so that it gets more visibility when viewers use a search engine. When the website content is highly relevant to the search term, it appears in the top search result. Thus, there is a high probability of viewers visiting the website and in turn generating business. There are two ways of optimizing a page- On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.

Ad words or online advertisements: They are the paid ads displayed on the websites. Two types of online ads. PPC or Pay per Click means whenever a user clicks on the advertisement, advertisers pay for it. This method is suitable for aggressive short-term campaigns. PPM or Pay per Mile (also known as Pay per Impression) is a technique where advertisers pay for every 1000 displays to potential customers. This method is suitable for long-term campaigns.

SEO analysts blend the creative thinking ability with extreme technical knowledge to derive effective digital marketing strategy for your business. They build an all-inclusive list of SEO opportunities that suits your business model and audience. With sincere efforts and well-focused planning, they can bring immense improvement in your website visibility. As the virtual world becomes an important and effective tool for enhancing business, clients seek for effective digital marketing strategies. A mix of inbound and outbound methods brings exponential growth to the business. It is a way of establishing the brand impressively in a competitive market.