Factors that make business ease in Bangalore

No other city has seen such a dramatic transformation like Bangalore. From a sleepy, calm town it has transformed into an ultra-modern IT city. Due to bright job opportunities, population increase has been exponential. The city has responded enthusiastically and offered excellent infrastructure to accommodate the load. World-class healthcare, brilliant educational institutes and state-of-the-art infrastructure make it one of the best cities in India to settle.

However, everything is not that goody-goody as it appears. Critics say that this ‘garden city’ has paid heavily for the name and fame of being ‘top IT city of India.’ Ecological imbalance, climate change, and dirt and dust are the by-products of this overwhelming success. Government, NGOs and industrialists have already started towards damage control. They are confident that coordinated efforts and cooperation can quickly bring the situation back on track.

A paradise for business ventures

With a unique proposition of government-business engagement, the city has been able to manage the balance between industrial growth and infrastructural support. Renowned corporate houses have supported or sponsored roads and other development projects. With innovative reforms and focused efforts, Bangalore continues to be the heartthrob for business tycoons. The city boasts about having high per capita income as compared to other developing cities of India.

• Lifestyle business ventures: It has altered its appearance in the last two decades. Today, it is a vibrant city bustling with amusement parks, theme parks, supermarkets and malls, pubs and restaurants, theaters and multiplexes. Due to high paying capacity and a cosmopolitan lifestyle, there is an immense crowd at every place on the weekends or holidays. In spite of such a high number, there is a rush and waiting time everywhere. It underlines the great business potential, still unexplored.

• Healthcare and paramedical support: The city is well-known for ultra-modern healthcare facilities. Some of the best hospitals and medical care centers are there at Bangalore. Apart from Allopathic treatment, there are hundreds of alternative therapy centers and rehabilitation centers. However, Statistics says that the ratio of medical facilities is still low, and there is a scope for further development in the medical sector.

• Academics: Bangalore prominently appears on the educational map of India with world-famous institutes like IIT and IIS. Experts say that there are some of the best schools and colleges at Bangalore, making it a prime educational hub. Due to heavy population growth and continued industrial development, there is a gap between demand and supply of good quality educational institutes. Experts anticipate high prospects for academic institutes considering the growth path of the city.

The experiment of mutual collaboration and integrated efforts between government bodies, public, and corporate houses have been successful so far. It seems that the same trend will continue to be the standard operating model in the future as well. More funding is expected after the success of pilot initiatives so far. It seems that Bangalore will maintain the overwhelming growth in the coming years. It puts a great example in front of others with the effectiveness of exclusive business-political engagement.

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