How to get the best results in Images for SEO

How to get the best results in Images for SEO

How to get the best results in Images for SEO


The best way to stay connected is by getting in touch through social sites with the customers who keep on sharing, commenting, and reviewing the posts.

 Images are the best way to stay connected and communicate in a better way. The optimized image has the power to reach and target through strong social networking. It also improves the ranking and builds the social presence.

As per the SEO Company in India – a few tweaks on image optimization work like wonders, high-quality social media posts need the right audience.

In this article, you can know what the SEO Company in India says about image optimization, how it is beneficial for SEO terms?

Whatever we post for marketing terms, everything is essential.

 # Optimizing images for the Social pages 

Social pages are the best place to pump up for external backlinks.

Different social sites have different ways and various platforms to visualize the images. By posting an image in the perfect dimension, you may get the image as expected, and it increases the conversion by grabbing the audience’s attention.

The posted image needs to be of high quality and has an HTML link in addition to the short description that gives a positive result in SEO.

An image in large size won’t affect the quality after resizing. Make horizontal images as your preferred choice to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram like social pages.


# Optimize for SEO purpose

Google image generates high traffic to your website and gives an improved search result. Getting an alternate image name helps in search performance and gives a clear idea related to the keyword. It improves the search engine results and is best when separated using a hyphen (-).

The file size is the next most important thing that helps in SEO; it must be compressed, optimized so that it remains responsive and doesn’t slow down the browser.

The experts of SEO Services in Chandigarh say while using Photoshop-like software for image processing, let an image save for web and device. This creates a perfect balance between file size and quality.

There are mainly three different image dimensions, based on the preferred place to post the image must be created according to the required dimension like:

  • 1280*720

  • 735*1102

  • 900*900

Images and videos have a strong power for the considerable amount of search engines result, get a clear idea, and tweak your post. The more you play with image optimization, the more visibility you can earn.

Great content quality is incomplete without an optimized image. It is valuable for the users and maximizes the external link social sharing option.

The usage of Social media is tremendously growing, and in 2020 it may become even more important for the SEO as AI and videos are getting a pause by the crawlers. The experts from SEO Company in India suggest using the optimized images for better results.