How Interlinking Impacts on SEO and User Experience!

The Internet is a doorway to a new world where boundaries are shrinking and everything is just a click away. Traversing distances to connect with new people and exploring the world is no longer a distant dream. For business owners or e-commerce traders, the world is really the stage. A well-designed website with responsive features can be the key to unlock a treasure trove of business inquiries and interest in your online store or service, thereby opening up a wide array of sales irrespective of territorial location. However, it is very essential to understand the Internet in its true form in order to exploit the maximum benefits out of it to your advantage. The Internet is basically a conglomeration of links, which are doorways leading you further from one portal to another or delve deeper. And for the human audience or visitor, every link contains some content to pander to. There are numerous links on the Internet, some of them being unique web addresses of various web destinations or services. One of the ways to access these links is via a Search Engine which is a database of all unique entities in the World Wide Web (WWW). Like a telephone directory, it records various attributes linked to every web entity with a unique address, thereby making its purpose more palpable and specific to the audience. In the event the web entity does not have enough information attributed to itself, the record when pulled up on the Google database shows insufficient information relevant to its purpose.

The above is a scenario, all Internet consumers, specifically all of us who swear by their loyalty to Google, are quite familiar with and reasonably well acquainted. At a time and age when Google has almost become a household synonym for search in general, and with the gradual saturation of real-world space and opportunities, the Internet provides dynamic platform for exposing a business idea or store to consumers irrespective of location or territorial constraints. But in this alternate cosmos or numerous web entities, it is almost as easy to get lost into oblivion as it is to be found with renewed vigour by newer demographics every passing day. The answer to these questions is SEO and intelligent mix of science and marketing, better known as Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the science that governs and controls the visibility of your website or online store corresponding to relevant search queries in the given market share. SEO is interestingly not about scoring maximum marks in an exam, but scoring enough to outsmart the rest of your competitors, so that you top the charts with flying colours.

Links and Link Building are an integrally inseparable part of SEO and visibility prominence. The Internet has two aspects to it, one the element that is responsible for aggregating entries on the web and registering them in their records, after a filter check for authenticity, and the other the consumer of all stored information and content on the Internet. The former responsible for keeping Search and its results updated in known as the Index Bot or an automated robot that is programmed to update and register entries in its records. The bot is responsible for keeping our search queries relevant and updated. The bot traverses the Internet everyday through web links, which acts as a doorway for it to dwell further and deeper. The bot traverses and scourges the Internet and keeps its data centers updated with latest information and new entries. So when search queries and made on engines, they respond back with comprehensive and relevant results pertaining to our query. Visitors navigate through the Internet through links and consume content. Hence the better circulated and prominent links are, the more chances they stand to be found and consumed, thereby contributing to a surge in footfall and increased visibility.