Leveraging Off-Page SEO for More Traffic

SEOing a website while you develop it is inevitable. All through the years, with developments and continuous upgrades in search engines and their algorithms, SEO as well has come along a long way, to now turning into a separate line of operations governing the commercial as well as the user-utility of a website. While on page SEO used to be the only factor determining the search engine fate of websites, today it is off-page as well as that contributes its share towards improving their SEO rankings. With this piece of blog, we would look at some of the most popular off-page SEO techniques and how Brainmine Tech, as the best SEO agency in Bangalore, helps you leverage the benefits of off-page SEO techniques.

Off-page, as the name suggests, refers to the activities and the strategies that you build off your website, with an intention to improve the search engine rankings of the website. The most visible and vital factors of off-page SEO are articles, blogs, social media networking, blog promotions and marketing, forums, and so on. It is, in fact, an innovative and interesting way of boosting your search engine rankings, like blogs, articles, and social media, have always caught the fancy of internet users. So, let us look at the different ways of off-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO with the best SEO Agency in Bangalore

There are several, but we’ be discussing the 5 of the most prominent ones that pose a widespread impact on the website’s SERPs. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Blogging: Webpage SEO plays an important role in SERPs. However, with users interested in reading intriguing and interactive information, blogs have become essential for off-page optimization. As search engines are required to update the latest blog post entries, with informative blogs on your website, search engines crawl your website more often, thereby improving the search engine website rankings. So, try and add relevant blogs quite often, and include useful topics that address the needs of the users.


  • Social Media Networking: We cannot miss this! At least not when the agenda is business expansion. Social networking is also referred to as online reputation management. Social media websites, being a great platform to promote, market and advertise every product, it is important for every website or business to create a social media networking page, and interact with prospects, thus contributing towards increasing the prospect to customer conversions.


  • Search Engine Submission:Hard to believe, but your website, if not noticed, or rather crawled by the search engines, would reduce to a mere group of web pages floating out in the web space. Search engines would notice your website, but not immediately. With so many websites already existing, it would take time for the search engines to automatically notice your website. Hence, it is necessary that you submit your website to all the popular search engines so that you optimize your virtual business leads.


  • Article Submissions: Writing articles and then submitting them to various article directories would help you propel traffic to your website. Besides, your website may also receive a linking through articles written by others. This is a time-consuming process, albeit useful.


  • Answering User Questions: Users usually have a lot of questions, concerns, and apprehensions about a lot of products. Many users prefer posting them on various discussion forums. As a product expert, or as a businessman, it is important that you enter such forums and answer the relevant and possible user concerns appropriately. This is an activity useful in the long-run, as it builds your credibility as a subject-matter expert, and further, placing your website link in your answer could help people find your website, thereby increasing the visitor traffic.

Of course, all this isn’t simple, but a complex and at times, a time-consuming process. While you focus on the core aspects of your business, Brainmine Tech, as the best SEO Agency in Bangalore, ensures that it does the off-page SEO part well, and brings the best results onto your table. To get in touch with Brainmine, dial +919096247774, or +91 8446477774, and know more about Brainmine SEO techniques.