Look Out For The Core Components Of ‘Periodic Table’ Of SEO Success

Search engine optimization or SEO is the task of ensuring that the web pages actually find their good place in the SERPs (search engine results pages). In fact SEO is the most worked specialization of web design as in its absence, the most sophisticated UXD (user experience design) would fail and falter in its objectives. Some wise webmasters have developed super calibers & have sorted out factors of relevance. They have their own matrix often called as ‘the periodic table of SEO success factors’. This periodic table may not be complex but its only attribute is its dynamism!

SEO tactics and inputs have been divided into the two broad categories that are –

On page – those which are integral to the web page

Off page SEO – that which secure the mileages from outside mediums

Let’s see what are the core components (better say elements) in the periodic table of SEO?

On page SEO factors -

  • The content

Content is regarded as the king of SEO. There is definite reason for this and this relates to the ever differentiated fancy of the leading search engines to feed upon the ‘new’. This ‘newness’ is considered as a tag of good; for the visitor towards whom the engine wants to serve the best recipe. So it is better to pool new content that is fresh. One practical corollary is to go for the refreshment of the web pages and get the new relevant ‘keywords’ inserted through ‘re-design maneuvers’ (remember there is dynamism like we talked above).

  • The user design including architecture

The user experience design is also a choice fancied by the search engines because the ever intelligent engines do not want to serve the bad experiences to their visitors who depend upon them (the engines).

  • The Meta titles and tags as also site map

This relates to the core components of the website design and is the function of webmasters’ skills. These are fundamental attributes and relate to mounting a functional architecture at the web page. This is also the first marker for achieving coherence; like a page lacking the ‘sitemap’ may loose in the initial sorting by the engine.

Off page SEO factors

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is the newer paradigm and is related to winning over the mind of the web user and thus influence him to reach proactively to the landing page; often the link of which is offered at the end. This is the intellectual component.


Web social is a fanfare and the wise minds know how to ride upon the same to get the desirable advantage. They seed the jubilance that keep growing in auto mode in a generic manner inviting positive eWoM and good praise. The users/participants feel inspired to have a peep into the parent site.

  • Links building and geo targeting

Worked through outside channels like the online marketing directories and link sharing pools, it generates the localized canvassing among the targeted buyers of the product/service on display.

  • Email marketing

It is again an authentic passage to do ‘one to one’ marketing. This helps in engaging the potential buyers.

  • Paid marketing – PPC and CPI

These components could be integrated skillfully as complements to generate the mileages.

The objective requirement of these SEO factors could differ from one to the other and there would be a custom spectrum for each of the clients in web SEO shop.