How to screen a software development company?


While speaking with your software development company, you may come across terms such as customer-first design, machine learning, infrastructure disruption and re-assembly rather regularly. With tech trends changing faster than the human capacity to adopt, you want to make sure that the development firm you hire is as up to date as possible when it comes to the latest happenings in the industry.

Here are a few things your software development company in Pune should be in the know of when working on projects for your business.

  • Open Source is Still Integral to Development

Open source continues to be a central driver behind almost every successful and disruptive company in the world today. Successful software development firms around the world have been able to integrate open source significantly in their approach. Open source has for decades made it easy for developers to innovate on various operating systems as well as programming languages. By optimizing the power of open source, you will be able to keep up with technology and evolve, create and grow with every technological advancement.

  • Software Development and Business Development Must Go Hand in Hand

By now, your software company in Pune should already know the importance of working closely with businesses from a strategic perspective. Today, every business is essentially a software business. The changes that emerge from operations, data and software development teams are core to any growth and transformation that takes place in a business. The software development firm you work with should be able to help you transform how your business functions, offering data to key stakeholders which allow them to make enhanced decisions to actionable insights. It should also facilitate security, stability and scalability and define how customers interact with businesses.

  • Understanding the Importance of Infrastructure Disruption and Re-Assembly

Often considered to be the heart of a business, your software architecture is what defines the life of your establishment. However, it is common to overlook internal events while paying attention to the software infrastructure. Schedules often get overrun, security has loopholes and maintenance cost due to patches and purchase go overboard.

With advancements in delivery, storage and deployment it is possible to ensure all your IT infrastructure is working well. With technologies such as serverless architecture, XaaS, containers, microservices and distributed systems, you can easily bid adieu to older systems and leverage shiny new technology.

  • Letting your Computer do the Thinking

Machine learning is gaining attention again and this time some of the biggest companies around the world are relying on it to alter the way various industry verticals function. The growth of AI, IoT and other technologies that rely on data-fed machine learning is starting to make a significant impact on business decision making, information delivery and how operations and engineering teams are designed to drive changes.

Finally, you want to make sure that when planning, designing and launching and software, you take into account your customer’s needs first. Your end-used whether an internal or external customer takes precedence over all others. Their experience will essentially be the key to deciding your success.