SEO: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the Internet or digital marketing is as important as oxygen is for life! SEO misery may prove catastrophic for businesses completely reliant and be thriving on Internet marketing. Seriously, SEO is that important! Moreover, SEO service is constantly required by, and therefore SEO professionals are deemed to stay in demand for the years to come. However, it is imperative for an SEO aspirant to learn SEO is an organized manner,starting from the basics, and then steadily graduating to learn the advanced aspects involved in the SEO process. This article will deal with the basics process of SEO. Scroll down to know more.


Basic SEO Process

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Now that we’ve established the significance of SEO, let us look at the technical definition of SEO. SEO is defined to be an e-marketing technique, aiming at increasing visibility of the website in organic (non-paid) search results. It is a comprehensive technique entailing the technical as well as creative aspects of Internet marketing, essential for improving website rankings, propel traffic and create awareness about your website on the search engines. Now indulging in SEO only to enhance the website rankings on the search engines could prove to be a narrow-minded and a short-lived approach. Rather, SEO should also aim at developing a better user-friendly website.

Why should you opt for SEO Services?

For whatever you want to search on the Internet, you use Google, Yahoo or Bing, true? Certainly, we use social media websites as well, but search engines contribute to most of the web traffic to a particular website. When something associated with your business is being searched on the Internet, people would search it with some keywords and scroll through some results shown by the search engine. No matter how much ever great and informative your website is, if it lacks those keywords or the set of key phrases most searched on the Internet, you may struggle with search engine rankings. And, honestly, do we really go beyond the first two to three pages to search something? So, in a nutshell, you need SEO to increase awareness about your website in the virtual world.This is the reason why almost all the businesses are investing in SEO to leverage the benefits reaped out of virtual access and visibility.

Why can’t Search Engines SEO for Themselves?

Yes, people reluctant to invest in Search Engine Optimization may ask this question. It is valid one though! Search engines are deemed to be smart enough to search and analyze; however, there are various factors, limiting the techniques of searching on the Internet. Also, remember that the Internet is a busy and crowded place, comprised of billions of websites and billions of users floating around. Obviously, you cannot expect the search engine to automate the SEO process, and specifically place your website on the top. It is, therefore, necessary for us to drive SEO through experts and not being reliant on the search engines to optimize our content.

What is the Relation between Search Engine Optimization and Content?

SEO and content are inter-dependent, and both of these activities give the desired results when the SEO team and the content writing teams work in liaison with each other. While SEO, on one hand, is associated with keywords and key phrases, content is associated with the effectiveness of the concept, the usefulness of the write-up, points covered, etc. Only SEOing a website or a particular concept does not attract web-traffic or improve the rankings. To obtain the desired output, it is imperative for the SEO to be complemented with a well written, well researched, sensible, logical, and high-quality content.

How does the SEO Process Work?

Trust me; SEO is not a rocket science. Although yes, it is better left to the experts to handle, the concepts could be understood by a layman as well. The SEO process could be best explained with the help of an example.
For instance, you are a newly launched holiday package company. You’ve recently created your website, and now obviously want to virtually market your business. For people in a certain area, say for instance in India, people currently may be searching for tour/ holiday packages with the keywords best holiday packages in India. Now, since your business and website are new to the virtual world, your website would not rank in the top pages, since the Internet is already occupied with several websites offering the same services. You indeed may be the best within your vicinity, however, to convey it to the Internet users, it is necessary for you to SEO your website with keywords and key phrases mostly used by the users to be able to reach your website and know your services.
This is where SEO comes into the picture. If your website is comprised of useful infographics, relevant information, logical and useful content, SEOing your website can help you improve your website ranking, and propelling web traffic to your website. Here, your SEO consultant would conduct an extensive keyword analysis and research the relevant and the most searched keywords, combinations of keywords, key phrases, and the most searched synonyms, etc. helping your website to be visible to the users during organic and paid searches.
Here, with you SEOing your website effectively, the search engines as well benefit from your website. This is because search engines are responsible for directing users to the best websites showcasing useful and logical content. If your website is truly a useful one, it would further simplify the search engine’s endeavor to direct the users to the best websites and avoid them stumbling on the inferior ones.

What is Website Analysis?

Website analysis is an extremely crucial aspect since it helps you determine how well your website is faring in the web-world. Website analysis is a bunch of research-based activities,giving you some vital facts and figures on your website. These facts and figures could further help you in formulating strategies for your website aimed at augmenting the website’s performance, traffic, and the search engine rankings of your website. Website analysis helps you in calculating the total number of visitors to your website, the source of visit (whether through a search engine or direct visitors), the number of visitors, the keyword based ranking of your website, etc.

What is Competitor Analysis for Search Engine Optimization?

The virtual world is not an exception to competitor analysis. In order to ensure your own place, it is necessary to know where your competitors stand, and what is that they do to improve their rankings and how. Most of the organizations do not consider it important and directly indulge in keyword mapping, link building or optimizing content. SEO competitive analysis is an important activity in the SEO process, as it not only helps to understand the latest keywords trends and ranking tactics employed by the competitors but also helps to compute your own strategy to keep improving and maintain your spot in the search engine rankings.
Hope the above article gave you a basic understanding of the SEO process. In order to compete in a better manner and maintain the search rankings of your website, it is necessary to avail the SEO services of a reliable partner. Consider visiting for a comprehensive SEO services package.