Social Media Marketing: Revenue Generating Tool

It is common knowledge that the scope of marketing has extended beyond the traditional forms of advertising. Social Media is where all your customers and competition are. At Brainmine, we will establish your social media presence and take advantage of each platform to the fullest extent. We will also show you how to tailor your content and evaluate statistics and much more.

Social Media Distribution

Brainmine will help you handle your brand in a number of social media platforms besides the traditional ones. We will help you develop blogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and eBooks. Our video and audio tools will give you a host of flexibility and customization options.

Social Media Marketing Services

The goal of our Social Media Marketing services is to ensure your company has a straight line of communication with your customers. We help identify where you are being mentioned the most and build your brand there. We will conduct a comprehensive social media audit, analyze your competitor’s strategies and build a plan for you. We will assure more visitors to your site.

The Social Media services offered at Brainmine are:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Have you ever got lost wondering about your social media marketing strategy? We will determine which avenues you need to exploit and what to do for the longevity of your brand all while keeping in mind your needs.

Implementation guidelines

We will make sure your social media journey is easy and your brand image is not compromised. We will ensure your profile follows each platform’s rules and you have scope for future development.

Software recommendations for your social media

There are SEO tools, but have you heard of social media tools? We will shortlist the best tools for you based on your budget and requirements, to track performance, new opportunities and manage your profiles better.

Social media audit

We will perform a complete in-depth audit of how your website ranks on social networks and develop a strategic plan to improve your position. Our suggestions will help you take advantage of niche opportunities and other mainstream tactics.

Breakdown of your competition’s strategy

Ever wonder how your competitor is able to create all their videos while also managing their blogs, link baiting, widgets and interaction with their readers? We will analyze your chief competitor’s marketing tactics and implement the same for your blog.

Social Network Profile creation and management

It is difficult to decide which social media network you would benefit the most from. We will scour all the networks and identify where you are talked about the most. We will create and also manage your social media profiles.

Action plan for badge creation

A great way to award your regular readers is to have badges. It will keep the readers motivated and attract new visitors. We will create innovative and creative badges that will give you an edge over your competitors and also benefit from link building.

Blueprint for widget creation

We will take an in-depth look at your website and develop an interactive widget campaign. We will help you come up with the correct widgets to work for your website and help your site perform better.

Revamp and setup of blog design

Blogs need to be built properly to make people want to come back regularly. We will make sure you get to reap the full benefits of the search engine by finding the right blogging platform and revamping your blog. The end goal is making your blog more available to your end-user target and search engines.

Game Plan for your Blog

We will help you develop a strategy for your blog. We will make sure your brand makes a mark. Starting from generating ideas for blog posts, to writing the actual posts, to properly commenting on blogs, everything is covered. We will help you generate awareness for your blog.

Take a look at our complete list of Social Media Marketing Services and contact us today to avail of them. We provide SEO services in all major cities.