Speed Update by Google to affect the mobile page rankings

We all know that speed of a page is an important factor in the ranking of a web page as per the algorithm of Google and now this has become official. While speed of a page was only used as a ranking factor for desktop search, in July 2018 Google has rolled out the speed update for mobile web pages as well. As per the blog of Google, this update will only impact the pages that give a slowest experience to the users and hence its impact will be felt only on a small proportion of its queries. Also, it has been clarified that speed update will apply the same standard to all mobile pages and is not dependent on the technology that is used to build the page. It has also been clarified that intent of the search query is still an important factor to be considered by its algorithm, and even if some pages are slow, they may rank high if they have excellent and relevant content as per the search query.


The speed at which the site loads is an important factor for ranking, as it is a well known fact that users will quickly discard a page if it takes too long to load and show up on their screens. As now the speed update also applies for the mobile sites, such kind of sites that are slower and have an increasing loading time may experience their organic rankings going down in Google. The importance of speed update can be felt in the context that more than half of the search traffic of Google is taking place on the mobile devices and due to the proliferation of smart phones, more and more people are using mobile devices for ecommerce and other purposes. Hence, mobile sites are gaining in both importance and popularity.

The speed update also has another angle that is affecting the users. Google can use this update in the future to rank Google AdWords mobile ads. Hence, if a mobile site is slower, its quality score will be adversely affected, and people will find it difficult to have their ads ranked at the same cost in a slower loading website on the mobile. This is especially important for websites that are dependent on Google traffic and AdWords campaigns.

In order to avoid reduction in organic rankings in Google, websites should test their mobile website in the testmysite tool, which will test the speed of the site against a standard 3G connection. The loading speed time of the website will be graded and a report will be provided. If the mobile website is performing poorly in this test, then adjustments should be made based on the feedback provided.

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