Three Pillars of Content Strategy to Be Followed for Perfect Content Creation

Three Pillars of Content Strategy


You must be hearing for a long time that content plays a crucial role when it comes to branding for your business.

Content is a way how you can approach the customers or right person easily by conveying the right message through your words.

The Brainmine content writing company in India ensures to provide top-notch quality writing by following the right strategy, which is engaging, meaningful, and sustainable. It attracts the new customer and retains the existing one through its content details. These contents also engage the people’s attention through social media and grab the interest. There are certain platforms where you share your knowledge and experience.

Facebook and Linkedin are the two most commonly used platforms that inspire peoples. For the best result and unique content, Linkedin is the perfect place to post. The core objective is to create engaging content and get clicks from the posts.

If you are planning to post a number of contents and get clicks for the user’s engagement, Linkedin could be a better place as it discovers the right person.

Here are a few content strategies that are followed for the engagement:

#1 Getting ideas for the engaging contents

There are various topics on which you can write searching for the right topic to engage the audience through content from LinkedIn and gauge their interest.

To plan which content you should use to post, Quora is the perfect place where you can get an expanded number of posts and topics to discuss. Focus on the questions which are asked multiple times or answered multiple times.

#2 Keep checking the length of the post

To see more features and the best of the content output posting a long Linkedin post encourages the peoples, and this increases the click count. If you make a wall post on Linkedin, it has 1300 characters (170 words), which, when fulfilled, offers a definite result and builds a network to read. And if it is an Article post, there is no minimum or maximum word limit; what required is only the relevant and accurate post, which can grab the viewer’s interest and make them search.

#3 Adding engaging photos in the posts

Since the infographics are a new demanding need for customer engagements, the visual presentation has become very important. In addition to a meaningful and quality unique content, every content writing company in India suggests to post and use relevant and related images that can give a push to engage the clients.

The images must be clear and briefly descriptive for interaction that can recreate the reader’s interest and let them understand the purpose of the created content.

The SEO Company in India combines, creates, and presents unique and best result content that communicates in a better manner.

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