Tips for Local SEO Operation During COVID-19


Local businesses are profoundly affected due to the coronavirus outbreak. It is social life, neighbors, and community which makes our experience enjoyable. Similarly, there is a high impact in the digital marketing business.

Expanding the COVID-19, the marketers are focusing highly on local businesses after the Government has set the rule of online delivery. Here is an insight detail of various sectors affected.

In this post, we are going to discuss a few tips on local SEO which could differ your business in the coming weeks and its impact. The innovative support of digital marketing gives some helpful solutions for the world’s best local SEO service and severe thinking.

Sticking to Regulations for safety:

  1. Google Reviews: Based on both local and international COVID19 news, the first and foremost thing is to know about the rules which vary from nation to nation. Next start with the Google reviews depending upon the type of services permitted to keep yourself connected with the local peoples. These reviews could help you to reach locally and get more business.
  2. Social Media: Keep yourself connected with social media and be aware of misinformation and scams. Make others informed about your serving through local SEO.

Making the right communication with accurate information:

There are three ways how effective local SEO service in India can help in better communication:

Google My Business

Google’s business profile is a must-have for customer communication. Local businesses and brands play a significant role in Google. There is an option to post the Google FAQs, descriptions, reviews, and responses evolving different scenarios with different outcomes with local SEO.

Complete Google business details which include:

  • Name: 

In Google, you can get the business name which reflects your service, delivery, and it also allows temporary changes.

  • Phone number:

As social distancing has kept us away from the customers, you can still update your phone number and let the customers reach you through appropriate contact numbers.

  • Working hours:

For better results, people are working from home and letting others know about your operational hours set the timing, which is useful for multi-location. It will let the clients email, call, and ask for any support or service during the work hours, which brings more effectiveness. Because of COVID19, Google implemented a “temporarily closed” option on 25 March for the working hours, but this may affect your ranking. A new created Google post changes the status in the search engines.


With complete control on your website, you may experience Google support, and thanks for conveying public information. Similarly, your website could be made popular by:

  1. Social media and email:

Regular social media posts in pages of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, are essential to build communication and brand the product. The followers amplify the information by sharing.

Email marketing is the most beneficial tool that helps to deliver the message entirely based on the condition and special offers. Offline media by contributing your business ideas and information to expand is also a better way to stay connected which helps the public.

Here are mentioned 4 things that every business should consider to determine and implement:

1- Continue essential operations and adapt the business conditions

2- Investigate online selling options and keep delivering

3- Build virtual connections

4- Educate about your business and consider taking digital marketing consultation

With social distancing, the business owners must stay connected with the clients, share ideas, generate business leads and examine the business progress. Presently it is essential to save the nation and look for the solution. Stay connected with the local members for a realistic approach that helps to determine the local living.

Impact on digital media consumption:

In comparison to the graph of last month’s February, there are generally new visitors who are engaged through blogs and social media posts. Additionally, there is an increase in the number of followers and visitors on Government websites and social pages. It is because people want to stay updated with the latest Corona news, positive cases, and new rules and updates made by the Government. The number of visits and time spent has increased as 35% and 27% respectively.

Further, there is also an increase in traffic in the websites of healthcare as people want to stay healthy and fight from novel illness. An increase of 45% is seen in the last 30 days, that is from 1st March to 31st March.

Some of the major sectors which have affected the Digital marketing company are :

  • Sports: Declined by visits as 70% and time spent is declined by 85%
  • Travel and tourism: Visit index has fallen by 66%, hotels, restaurants, travel agents are experiencing zero traffic. Some of the highly affected travel and tourism companies are those which are related to Yachting, camping, trekking, holidays, and vacations.
  • Education: After declaration by the Government that the schools will be closed the effect on the education website and private institutes or universities is also seen.
  • Airlines: Since more number of people are traveling, and shifting because of lockdown from 1st March to 15th March there is an increase in the number of travelers.

With this change, a high impact of coronavirus in digital marketing service, and local SEO is experienced. Hope this shall pass soon, and things get better!