COVID19: How Digital Marketing Companies Survive in the Pandemic

There is a high impact of Corona Virus on every industry and almost of the branding agencies have started making short term decisions. There are many uncertain situations which may impact globally and bring changes in marketing investment.

The digital marketing agencies are making plans and taking decisions by organizing the advertising campaigns and change consumer behavior, which has an impact on the supply chain.

To take the right decision, strategically planning needs to be started for the brand value…

The online working keeps the digital marketing agencies, and other firms live:

After the lockdown, work from home is implemented, and now various companies started getting recovery and making communication to trade online.

Benefits of working remotely during COVID-19

  • The business continuity is maintained
  • Environmental benefit because of less travelling
  • The demand for social media has increased tremendously, which keeps the business connected with new customers.

How is Digital marketing company in Pune responding its customer to COVID-19?

It is the time when every small to big company needs digital marketing support. This helps to stay connected, and in the meantime, peoples stay focused on social sites.

Now online communication platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Zoom has bought the consumers and sellers together to stay longer online and bring more business ideas.

Here are a few facts about how digital marketing stats are keeping the business live:

  • Running sponsored ads on social media pages which interacts the new users.
  • Getting new blogs and other creative’s posted regularly, which targets potential customers.
  • Maintaining links through Social Medias and giving live support.
  • Maintaining services in reduced costs which will not suffer the customers and create any reputational damage

By focusing on these small things, there will not be any crisis, and the marketers have to consider the solution for the specific needs.

Stay home; Stay safe and stay connected with the SEO services in Pune by Brainmine web solutions.

Stay Protected and Take Precautions to Control the Spread of COVID-19

WHO has imposed several guidelines and various measures to control the spread of COVID-19. For the awake of positivity in addition to serving our customers here are some significant measures shared. Note: If you need to step out, remember that the people or animal who is around you may be a CORONA patient.Only the mentioned below precautionary measures can let you stay protected

Note: If you need to step out, remember that the people or animal who is around you outside the home may be a CORONA patient and they may not be aware. Evaluation and testing take time in the declaration it’s only the mentioned below precautionary measures that can let you stay protected

Though ease in lockdown is provided, but we are still unsafe. Look for safe delivery options for or your basic essentials. If it’s unavoidable and you have to step out ensure you maintain 6 feet social distance.


This will prevent from getting infected. Sneezing and coughing are involuntary actions; don’t forget to bend your elbow while sneezing.

Hands touch may have viruses; contaminated hands can transfer the virus and infect you.

Use hand wash regularly to keep it clean and stay germs free.

Keep your objects and surfaces clean.

If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention. Besides these precautions drinking clean water, using organic food materials and proper sleep is also important.
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