What does BrainMine Bring for You in 2015?

When you welcome another happening year and say goodbye to 2014, there are various dreams and plans in the mind of every entrepreneur. The field of web designing is quite exciting and every day there are new challenges, new web developments, and new methods. Brainmine wants to be a committed partner by offering state-of-the-art technology.

There are many upcoming trends in the field of web development impacting the style and quality of web designing.  Here are the top five things web designers will focus on:

A picture worth thousand words

A website becomes eye-catching and interesting when there are beautiful images, videos and animations. Of course, overloading of visual elements is not desirable. At BrainMine, designers use the trend for developing simple yet attractive websites that enhance the nature of the business most prominently. The trend has been followed well in 2014 and in the coming year, it will become further instrumental for developing elegant and user-friendly websites.

Scroll or click, the race will continue

2014 was tremendously successful year from the point of view of mobile Internet. As the Internet connectivity becomes cheaper, and Smartphones become a household item, there is an exponential growth expected in 2015. Web development no longer remains confined to personal computers, but it has to be equally compatible for handheld devices. Brainmine understands the criticality of it. Hence, easy, interactive, and user-friendly website designs are the top priority. In the coming year, there will be a great enhancement for developing better, easier, and further interactive websites.

Microinteraction will be the buzzword

Microinteraction is nothing but an experience within a module of the website or a product that prompts for a single use action. It is a fantastic way of keeping the webpage lively without making it heavyweight. Since users are prompted for a certain action, they get involved in the content. The trend was popular in 2014 and the use will further increase in the coming years. In 2015, Brainmine web development team will work extensively towards exploring new ideas and avenues where micro interactions add value to the website quality. Plugins with added features will be incorporated in the design.

Narrative and compelling storytelling

When web designers mention about compelling storytelling, they certainly not refer narrating fairy tales on the web page. It means that every element of the website (heading, font, page layout, content, and microinterative pages) is in sync with the fundamental concept. They prompt actions embodying the same concept and undercurrent.  Web designers at Brainmine will try to leverage it up to the maximum extent. Large images, long scrolling, effective and engaging storytelling and beautifully embedded infographics design are some of the examples to make it interesting. The trend will rule web development market in the coming months.

Cookies will regain the sweetness

Cookies help in remembering about the recent searches. I the coming times, web designers will seek creative and useful ways of using cookies for offering better services to the clients. Just like an ecommerce website remembers what products were searched or purchased earlier, other websites can also use it for different purposes. At BrainMine, web designers will look at opportunities of using it for repeat viewers.