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Give Your Business a Digital Lift with Brainminetech’s Broad Software Spectrum

Of course, software and computer, apart from being personal needs, also have become a fundamental necessity for businesses. From connecting with clients to creating grand brand recognition to improving the work efficiency of the business, software and digital development has become a “must” for businesses globally. Pune, being one of India’s leading hubs is home(…)

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What does BrainMine Bring for You in 2015?

When you welcome another happening year and say goodbye to 2014, there are various dreams and plans in the mind of every entrepreneur. The field of web designing is quite exciting and every day there are new challenges, new web developments, and new methods. Brainmine wants to be a committed partner by offering state-of-the-art technology.(…)

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Future of Web Design – Parallax

Experts say that the first five seconds are the most critical when a user clicks on a website link. If a website gets loaded quickly, but the appearance is lull, dull, and boring, then it is very likely that the user closes the link and moves ahead to the next. No doubt, an attractive webpage(…)

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