The emerging trends that will dominate web development arena in 2015

There is no other industry that is as vibrant as web designing industry. Each web development company in India uses the creative energy in conceptualizing about the best presentation that connects people. 2014 has shown some remarkable improvements that will be continued in 2015, along with a few new trends.


Storytelling has to be heart-touching!

Good storytelling isn’t a new thing in website content. However, it becomes further crucial in the modern times. As there is ample number of competitive websites, only a proficient web design company in India that keeps the viewers engaged can survive. No wonder. 2015 will see a great focus on this aspect. Interactive, appealing, and enticing content attracts more eyeballs. Websites that respond to the scroll and hover over different elements keep the viewers involved with the content because they need not divert their attention towards clicking.


Big (typography) is beautiful

Like 2014, typography is continued to be dominating the web design front. There was a great pull for large fonts yesterday and tomorrow also it will have the impact.  Big fonts bring a visual appeal that keeps the viewers stick to the webpage. They can’t move further till they go through it. Hence, grabbing an attention with huge fonts and no background page will be the buzzword. An expert web development company in India would stay away from gaudy pictures due to two reasons. Firstly, they make the webpage heavy. Secondly, viewers get distracted from the core text. Hence, bold text on a plain background will be the catchphrase.


Semi-flat design rocks

Modern websites don’t believe in linking pages but tend to give an elongated, long-scrolling design. Especially, on the front page people like to put as much information as possible. Of course, it is an adaptation for mobile compatibility. However, it becomes the fundamental design concept slowly. 2015 will see long pages showcasing all products, services, and features. Designers prefer sleek pictures, handmade sketches, and animated figures to add a little spice. Hand drawn illustrations are sleek, catchy and lightweight. They trigger creativity and imagination.


Video background

It became popular in the recent times, but the popularity graph seems to touch new heights. Putting a video background is a phenomenal way of portraying emotions and a jaw-dropping design that keeps viewers engaged to the website. They are forced to spend some time and watch the content.  If done appropriately, then there can be nothing more impressive than it. Keep the visitors glued to the screen by giving them an unusual experience with a fabulous video clipping.


A ‘Product first’ approach

Since the market is fiercely competitive, a web design company in Pune doesn’t believe in beating around the bush. It comes to the point quickly by talking about the product first. As more interactive, realistic and phenomenal 3D graphic images are available, it is possible to portray everything about it precisely. A startup with physical features of the product will dominate the coming year. Seems to be a gala time for animators!

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