Future of Web Design – Parallax

Experts say that the first five seconds are the most critical when a user clicks on a website link. If a website gets loaded quickly, but the appearance is lull, dull, and boring, then it is very likely that the user closes the link and moves ahead to the next. No doubt, an attractive webpage with lively animation and eye-catching visual effects force users to stay on the page and explore further.

Website developers are always interested in new-age tools that help in creating great website designs. Among all popular tools today, Parallax stands distinctly with user-friendly and creative scrolling effects that give a phenomenally rich visual experience to the viewers.


What is Parallax?

Parallax is a way of arranging contents in multiple layers that may or may not move synchronously. The speed and animation of different layers can be configured separately for magnificent visual effects. Content movement can be arranged in a horizontal or vertical manner. When entire content moves, then it gives the effect of turning pages of a book. Movement of different sections with varying speed gives an animation effect.


The future belongs to it

Experts of Brainmine – Web design company in Pune believe that as the emerging trends indicate a great dependency on CSS and Query, HTML and other tools for developing websites that will run on an ultra-high Internet bandwidth, Parallax will surely dominate the scene.  With the recent changes made by the creators in the new versions, it becomes the preferred choice for web developers. Some distinct qualities of Parallax:

  • The effects are very creative to keep the users engaged in interacting with the website.
  • Seamless synchronization with the current web design trends.
  • Effects like change of color after moving to the next page or clicking on the image make website design quite interesting.
  • Light navigation makes scrolling quick and easy.
  • Website gets loaded instantly without hanging.
  • It makes storytelling quite engaging.
  • Call to action (where users fill-in a form for doing something) becomes incredibly easy.
  • High user engagement with the website.



Though there is not everything rosy about Parallax, it is still a buzzword in the web design arena. SEO issues, incompatibility with certain design framework or heavy website pages are some of the pitfalls. However, the benefits supersede the drawbacks making it the future of website design. Today, web developers explore it for using creative and enthralling web sites that work with amazing speed.

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