Google Started Viewing Nofollow Links As A Hint For Better Indexing & Crawling!


Since lockdown has been implemented globally, Google has rolled out with multiple updates that lasts a month. Each and every update is crucial for the smooth functionality and driving the website owners crazy. These updates are showing a perfect and smooth functionality for the search engines platform.

The SEO consultant in Pune is working hard on the ranking of the website and ensures that they take care of all the updates. This article explains about the Google update on NOFOLLOW links, for better indexing.

Latest update and its effect on the website:

In one of the latest Google updates, it was announced that – Google would view no-follow links, which will be a hint for the indexing and crawling purpose. The best thing about this update is that there is no adverse effect and consequences faced by the website owners. There are no such necessary changes required to be made with the new no-follow links.

No, Follow Link: What is it?

To earn the backlinks, the SEO service provider in Pune focuses on DO Follow links which help to get the better index.

No, follow links are a hint and no more directives. The guidelines for it have been implemented now after the announcement was made back in September 2019. Taking forward, why is it done, and what is no follow link?

The no-follow link came into existence in 2005, and it helps to prevent the spam links, manipulation, and ranking signals. The best SEO Company in Pune looks for the new attributes introduced and alterations for better understanding. This makes a website owner work effectively and step ahead in the right direction, which classifies the links according to the requirement. It’s a new attribute that is classified and entirely voluntary.

What to do?

As the changes in Google are made, you must be worried thinking about the treatment on these links. The expert SEO consultant in Pune guides and helps accordingly so that no new changes are faced. The expert’s plan, unitize, and follow the website in certain areas accordingly. For say if you want that a certain page of the website must not be seen, then you can use no-follow, it will restrict crawler to visit. There are multiple alternatives through which the same output can be driven without using unfollow. This can be regulated through multiple ways

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