How to Optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets to get zero position in SERP for your website?

Have you noticed that organic search results are increasingly being replaced by PPC ads? And to overcome this situation feature snippets, Knowledge Graph, and People also ask boxes are the only hope to get the good referral traffic to website through SEO.

Now, Google is showing featured snippets for more search results every day. And large percent of them are from position 2-10 sites, this feature snippet appears to the position number 0

If your competitor is on 1st position and you are on 5th position and want to rank above your competitor then feature snippets is the best solution to rank above your competitor that is 0 Position with feature snippets

It is observed that a good Featured snippets steal 50% of traffic from the first-ranking. And so for now it’s really important to get listed in the feature snippets.

Before making you understand what is feature snippets is, I just want to make you understand that what we will not consider as Featured snippets. Below are some common search term that we find In SERP but they are not a featured snippets.


  1. 1.     Rich Answer (Not a Featured Snippets )

 Rich Answer

Rich Answer 


  1. 2.     Knowledge Graph (Not a Featured Snippets )




  1. 3.     Rich Snippet (Not a Featured Snippets )



All above mentioned Snippets are not a featured snippets. Now let’s talk about what is featured snippets and who we can optimize it.

What is a Feature Snippets? And where it is shown on SERP

Featured snippets are selected search results that are featured on top of Google’s organic results. Featured snippets is more focus at answering the user’s question right away hence it is also known as “answer boxes”. This snippets is presented as a special attraction and so gets additional brand exposure in search results.

What are the types of Feature snippets?

There are four ways of feature snippets that you will commonly find in the search result.


  1. Paragraph Snippets
  2. List Snippets
  3. Table snippets
  4. Video Snippets


  1. The Paragraph Featured Snippet:  The result which appears in a paragraph format and is sometimes combined with a image result. The Paragraph Featured Snippet is commonly used to answer what, when, why and who queries.

  Paragraph Featured Snippets

  1. The List Featured Snippet: The result that returns in the form of pointers is consider as the list featured snippets
  • Numbered List Featured Snippet: This type of the result is displayed in particular order. This type of list is triggered by keywords like how to, steps for, etc.

  	Numbered List Featured Snippet



  •  The Bulleted List Featured Snippet: In This Google displays a list of items that are not necessarily in a specific order. Searching terms like top, best, and other terms that indicate an unranked set of items like the checklist below.


  Bulleted List Featured Snippet


  1. 3.     The Table Featured Snippet: This Search result is formatted into a table to make data more readable and easier to find for users. This queries that show content containing multiple things like prices, rates, years or any other data available in numerical format.


 Table Featured Snippet - Brainminetech

  1. The YouTube Featured Snippet (Video Snippets): These are sometimes called YouTube featured snippets because they feature YouTube videos. Google has enhanced this type of search result by adding a suggested clip time to the featured snippet

 YouTube Featured Snippet (Video Snippets)


How to rank for feature snippets?

  1. Perform Keyword Research, with a Particular aim on question-type search queries
  2. Find at the results in the “People also ask” box for the questions that most commonly asked.
  3. Strive to rank on the first page of Google search results
  4. Create Content and Imagery That Specifically Address the Keyword
  5. Make It Easy for Google to Read with Proper Formatting
  6. Use words that are likely to generate featured snippets


Benefits of featured snippets

  1. Steals traffic from the first result
  2. Optimizes for voice search
  3. You become a trusted expert



Featured snippets is going to be more beneficial in future as Google gets smarter and more people start using voice search. Anyone can rank for featured snippets, whether you rank in Position 1 or Position 10. Now a days all digital marketing Companies are using featured snippets to rank at 0 position.