How SEO helps in real estate business



It has been observed that most people begin their house hunting process through the internet. This makes it important for real estate businesses or agents to have their own website. However, having a website does not guarantee instant traffic and leads for new business. On the other hand, introducing good SEO strategies is extremely important.

SEO helps to bring your website to the top of search engine results, increase its popularity, bring in more traffic and increase leads. Let us find out some of the effective Search Engine Optimization strategies that you should adopt to bring success to your real estate business.

Responsive website: In the recent times, more and more people are using their mobiles and tablets to search for homes rather than using their laptops or personal computer. The reason is that mobiles are more convenient to handle and can be used anywhere while travelling, waiting somewhere, at work as well as at home. In such situation, if your website is not compatible with mobile and such other devices, you may lose potential customers. So, the first step would be to make your website a responsive one.

Keywords: Keywords are extremely important when it comes to real estate websites as they help to know what people are looking for and searching on the internet. Look for keywords for targeting local searches rather than global searches. You must always start by targeting local real estate searches. For instance, two BHK homes in Baner, Pune would be better than two BHK homes in Maharashtra or India or SEO Company in Pune would be much useful when compared to SEO India.

Apart from this, always go for long tail keywords as they can help to bring in long tail search traffic to your website. Moreover, you should include the keywords not only in the content of the website but also in the title, meta tags, descriptions, etc.

Unique and fresh content: Google and other popular search engines are very particular about the quality of the content, especially about the uniqueness of the content. So, make sure that the content in your real estate website is relevant to the titles provided as well as is non-plagiarized. Remember that search engines have an inbuilt technology that detects copied content and penalizes the website. So, it is important that you post only new and unique content.

Another thing that attracts search engines to websites is fresh content. You build a website, add content and forget about it. This will not provide you continuous growing traffic. Rather it would decrease your rank in search engines. Hence, it is important that you add new, fresh content regularly. Make sure that the content that you add is relevant as well as of high quality.

Apart from the written content, you should also post photographs and videos of the property on your website. Add file name and alt tags to the photos so that search engines can crawl them. An important thing to remember is that not to fool the users. Do not upload photographs of random properties. Always upload the actual photos of the property. This increases credibility of your website and makes your social media marketing a effective strategy.

Off-page optimization: Adding the right keywords, proper title tags and descriptions will bring traffic to your website through search engine results. However, this is not always enough. Off-page optimization is equally important for the success of a website. Off-page is used for providing back links to the website. This is achieved by uploading topic related blog posts on other blogs. Social media is also a great way of bring traffic to the websites. Search engines give more important to websites that are quite popular in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

IDX integration: IDX or Internet Data Exchange is a great way to provide real estate listings in your website. However, these MLS (Multiple Listing Service) alone will not bring the necessary traffic. Hence, it is important to add things like features and facts about the property, photos, videos, etc. in the listing page.

An important thing that you have to remember before hiring SEO Company for real estate website is that you will not receive results instantly. So, do not lose patience. Instead, continue using these real estate strategies, and you would definitely achieve success for your hard work and commitment.

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