Know briefly about some common digital marketing stats for enhancing your business

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The number of internet users is rapidly increasing day by day, and along with it, the mode of shopping has also changed. Digital marketing means connecting with your desired audience in the right place and at the right time. Because we are witnessing a digital era, naturally, people are spending their quality time with the internet and thus making digital marketing indispensable.

What is digital marketing anyway?

Marketing activities through an electronic device or internet should be referred to as digital marketing. It connects you with your desired customers using business leverage digital channels such as search engines, email, social media, and so on.

Why do we need digital marketing?

Traditional marketing involves print ads, phone communication, or physical marketing that has certain limitations. Digital marketing goes electronically and online, which makes it able for a fast and extensive approach with limitless possibilities such as email, video, social media, or website based marketing.

Through its multiple options and strategies, you can adopt creative methods and also experiment with different tactics of marketing within your budget. Other benefits of digital marketing include monitoring your success, ROI your campaigns through tools such as analytics dashboards. Digital marketing Company in Pune-Brainmine web solution is the best company to generate revenue.

Some common digital marketing

  • Content marketing
  • Marketing through social media
  • Pay per click
  • SEO or Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing

Usual Types of digital marketing stats that you should know.

In order to help put things into context for the year ahead, below are some Digital marketing Stats

  • Mobile marketing stats
  • At present, the most common way of accessing the web is mobile, so it is easier to meet user expectations across multiple devices.

  • Search marketing stats
  • When it comes to change in digital marketing, the search is the most chaotic aspect of it all.

  • Email marketing stats
  • Besides, content and social media marketing, which is getting most of the attention, email can be considered as one of the most vital Digital marketing Stats, and it is an effective way of generating new leads and getting the customers back for another purchase.

  • Conversion optimization stats
  • Conversion optimization is an integral part of digital marketing as mobile and UX design went mainstream.

  • Social media marketing stats
  • It was believed that social media is a reliable platform for instant Digital marketing success. It can be said that some brands witnessed overnight results. Recently brands realize that social media can be considered as a content publication tool rather than a quick fix to instant marketing results.

The important questions while using social media are:

  • Which networks are the best?
  • What kind of content should be published?
  • How can you reach the right people for your brand?
  • Content marketing stats
  • While users are becoming more demanding about the kind of stuff they like to engage with, it is difficult to produce great content for every brand. Though the strategic planning and execution of content marketing are still facing a challenge, most of the brands who invest in content marketing are witnessing the benefits.