Engineering Services

The Core Areas Of Services

  • Plant Design & Piping Engineering.
  • Equipment Design, Vessel Design, Heat Exchanger Designs.
  • Structural Design, Detail Engineering & Drafting.
  • Machine Tool Design & Automation
  • 3-D Modeling, Presentations, & Product catalogue.
  • We are providing Engineering consultancy services to Various Industries in Abroad. (Mainly consist of skid design, Line and equipment sizing and design, GA drawing preparation, 3D Piping Layouts, Line detail drawings with Isometrics and Detail BOQ etc.) Onsite Supervision during Erection & Commissioning. As Built Preparation.
  • Engineering Software Development.

We have Expertise in

  • Piping Design and Detailing.
  • H.Y.D., PFD, P & ID preparation, Line sizing, Equipment sizing, Equipment Design, Layout preparation. Creating 3D plant model, General Arrangement Drawings, System specific drawings, isometric & detail drawings, preparing BOM, Development of sheet metal parts etc.

  • Structural Design.
    1. Design of Lifting tools, lifting frames, padeyes up to capacity of 275 MT for offshore structures.
    2. Design of Onshore structures, like Substations, Gas area, Utility building, cooling tower area, pipe racks.
    3. Design of Commercial structures in Structural Steel and Light Gauge Steel. Structural RCC design work in residential, commercial, projects.
    4. Stack Support Design 15 m , 30 m , 45 m , 65 m
    5. Industrial Sheds Design.
    6. Software Development & Customization for design of different types of supporting structure for mechanical equipments and accessories.
    7. Design of under ground and over ground water tanks. Design of sump pits for effluent treatment plants.
    8. Design of supporting structure for gas domes in effluent treatment plants. Design of platform for pumps.
    9. Design of platform for air replacement plant (for paint booths).
    10. Design of Oil tanks (Steel tanks).
    11. Design of retaining walls.
  • Pressure Vessel Design. Storage tank design.
  • Heat Exchanger Design.
  • Designing of wastewater treatment from conception to commissioning for various kinds of effluent systems. (With Associate Company)
  • We are using different Standards and codes for Design. (ASME, IS, BS)
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