SEO training in Pune for Website owners from Brainminetech

You must have often heard what a magical tool SEO is, how it can divert high traffic to your website and lead your company to more business and revenue. Undoubtedly, SEO has become vital to a company’s success, especially in this age where customers and clients evaluate brands by their popularity on the internet. It has now become essential for entrepreneurs, business managers, marketing professionals and product managers to be well-informed of the better practices on SEO front. Our comprehensive SEO training program has been particularly devised to meet such needs, empowering trainees with deep knowledge of SEO concepts and methodologies so as to help them make intelligent SEO decisions.

Brainminetech as your SEO training partner will help you gain great exposure to search engine optimization. Our SEO techniques and knowledge are powered by our years of experience in the industry. Best in the business, Brainmine experts have unmatched insights on SEO dynamics and vouch for clear explanation of complex SEO concepts. Recommended for technical as well as non-technical people, our SEO training program can immensely benefit those venturing into online business.

With us you will get an in-depth training on SEO tactics and secrets that will capacitate you to generate your own SEO ideas and strategies. If you want to deliver high search engine traffic to your website then our SEO training program is for you. Learn how to drive more customers to your website with the Brainminetech SEO Training program.

Our SEO training covers everything about search engine. The highlights of the training will be -

  • How search engines work?
  • What is a website?
  • What is a keyword?
  • What is keyword density and how to develop a keyword strategy?
  • What are the ethical SEO practices? The local & international SEO practices in use.
  • What are on-page & off-page SEO techniques?
  • What is competitive analysis and how to study & use various reports?
  • What are algorithm updates?
  • What are Google updates (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobilegeddon, others)?
  • What is sandbox effect?
  • HTML basics and various important tags
  • Common SEO tools & plug-ins
  • How to rename and re-write URLs?
  • How to handle server side?
  • 404 error redirects, 301/302 redirection
  • How to create & upload Robots file, XML Sitemap, HTML Sitemap, Google webmaster code & Google Analytics code?

Brainminetech SEO training program is all comprehensive and covers the latest of SEO world. You will discover the emerging trends in the industry, useful strategies for social media, effective link building strategies, and exceptional SEO tips. The training is relevant for all those seeking to learn about SEO or enrich their present SEO understanding and skills.