Web Design Company in Pune

Future of Web Design – Parallax

Experts say that the first five seconds are the most critical when a user clicks on a website link. If a website gets loaded quickly, but the appearance is lull, dull, and boring, then it is very likely that the user closes the link and moves ahead to the next. No doubt, an attractive webpage(…)

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Things to know while hiring a web design company in Pune

Online presence has become an important factor for businesses today. This has increased the demand for web designing and development companies. But there are several things that you have to discuss with the web design company before you hire it for designing your company website. This is because getting your website made is not enough;(…)

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Is there a correlation between web designing and website traffic?

If you are launching your business in the online world for the first time, this is a legitimate question to ask. Can web designing affect your website traffic? Yes, it can. This may sound weird to you. How can the look of your website affect the number of people visiting it? This is because web(…)

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